09Nov 2016
Brief History and Main Milestones of Digital Diplomacy

Digital Diplomacy: A Broad Perspective – Part II  “Technological progress and the resolution of series of conflicts allowed humans to advance from tribal to feudal to industrial society. The next wave of technological disruption will be faster and greater than anything we have ever experienced. But we can and must be ready for it.” Tom […]

26Oct 2016

“I think it [digital diplomacy] will give us possibilities to work together for a better world, and that is not a small thing in itself.” Carl Bildt Diplomacy has evolved throughout history, adapting to the requirements of nations, personalities of leaders, conflicts, alliances and paradigm shifts. Nevertheless, the skills needed to perform the diplomat’s mission […]

22Jul 2016
Cyber Security Awareness and Public Diplomacy

Rationally, states should always aspire to more collaboration in an effort to meet the most pressing challenges affecting the wider global community. “The Soft Power 30” – Portland Communications As Salvatore Guerrera discussed last week, the increasing relevance of the cyberspace in the international sphere has made necessary the promotion of cyber security among netizens. […]

13Jul 2016
Meeting the Global Cyber Security Challenges

  Post by Salvatore Guerrera, IT Security Specialist at IBM (@tore_gu) An Introduction to the Cyber Security Awareness Nowadays people live in a technological and sophisticated world: wearable devices, smart houses, driverless cars are elements belonging to the same puzzle, the Internet of Things (IoT). It is giving the world an ocean of opportunities and interconnection […]

20Jan 2016
WEF Annual Meeting in numbers

Around 2,500 participants gather in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016. The 4 day conference takes place January 20-23 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, a town at 1,560 m above sea level. Davos has a population of 11,000 people, which reaches 30,000 people during the meeting, which is strictly by invitation only. The Annual Meeting engages the world’s top […]

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