02Jun 2015
infographic on cyber security

Espionage, the process of illegally obtaining secret information (as defined by Encyclopedia Britannica)  is a tool used by national leaders, sub-state entities, international corporations and other actors in the global sphere to make better-informed decisions. The creation and development of cyberspace as a new public space has favored the emergence of new forms of relationship […]

24Feb 2015

The expansion and use of a language is a key point to determine the influence of a culture at an international level. It is not only the perfect channel to convey a message, but also constitutes a market in itself. In a globalized world where markets contribute to shape the relations among countries, a language […]

28Dec 2014

The balance between State’s sovereignty and foreign humanitarian intervention is one of the most debated issues in international relations. A number of historical benchmarks helps to understand the widespread vision in the West (see infographic): The Treaty of Westfalia established in 1648 the Nation-State sovereignty and the international limits in this regard. Any intervention from […]

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