international security and terrorism

22Jul 2016
Cyber Security Awareness and Public Diplomacy

Rationally, states should always aspire to more collaboration in an effort to meet the most pressing challenges affecting the wider global community. “The Soft Power 30” – Portland Communications As Salvatore Guerrera discussed last week, the increasing relevance of the cyberspace in the international sphere has made necessary the promotion of cyber security among netizens. […]

13Jul 2016
Meeting the Global Cyber Security Challenges

  Post by Salvatore Guerrera, IT Security Specialist at IBM (@tore_gu) An Introduction to the Cyber Security Awareness Nowadays people live in a technological and sophisticated world: wearable devices, smart houses, driverless cars are elements belonging to the same puzzle, the Internet of Things (IoT). It is giving the world an ocean of opportunities and interconnection […]

02Jun 2015
infographic on cyber security

Espionage, the process of illegally obtaining secret information (as defined by Encyclopedia Britannica)  is a tool used by national leaders, sub-state entities, international corporations and other actors in the global sphere to make better-informed decisions. The creation and development of cyberspace as a new public space has favored the emergence of new forms of relationship […]